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Dreams and Visions

Liberty & Legacy MKE Week 23 I am master of my emotions. When I want to put something off and do it later, I chant Do it Now, over and over and then I just Do It. When I find myself in a down mood, I change my thoughts to something uplifting and happy, thenContinue reading “Dreams and Visions”

Dreams and Visions

Liberty & Legacy MKE – Week 22A Reading people’s emotions come naturally to me and I feel I have the ability to sense their mood by body language and their smile or no smile. When I experience someone that has anger and is in a foul mood, I smile at them and try to bringContinue reading “Dreams and Visions”

Dreams and Visions

Liberty & Legacy MKE- Week 22 I am thinking about in the Master Key part 9 where Mrs. Andrew’s crippled little boy was given no possible chance to be a straight, strong, well formed man. I was impressed how the little boy kept affirming that he was whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.Continue reading “Dreams and Visions”

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